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Cool Update for Ring Frames: Stationery Filter Retro Fit Kit

There’s something new for Spinning Mills! We’re talking about an upgrade in the Pneumafil Duct Waste Collection System. Introducing the “Stationery Filter” – a game-changer that’s set to replace the old rotary filter setup. You know, the one with all the pistons, valves, pressure switches, and the annoying habit of clogging up with waste? That’s the one. This old system was a headache, often breaking down due to the rotary filter not spinning, piston failures, valve issues, and whatnot.

But here’s the good news: with our Stationery Filter retro fit kit, those troubles are history. Say goodbye to waste clogging worries and hello to a hassle-free experience.

Why This Matters: Our goal? To be the world’s top supplier of Textile Pneumafil Products and to contribute to a better global environment. That’s why we’re all about high performance and cost-effective solutions.

Why You Need the Stationery Filter:

  • Ditch the drama of rotary drum strikes.
  • Forget about piston movement failures.
  • Lower your maintenance costs big time.
  • No more frequent screen changes in the filter section.

Awesome Features of the Stationery Filter:

  • Totally maintenance-free.
  • Gets rid of the need for pistons, meaning no air used.
  • Boosts suction pressure.
  • Significantly reduces suction leakage.

Bottom line? The Stationery Filter Retro Fit Kit means zero power use, zero air needed, and absolutely no maintenance costs. It’s a no-brainer upgrade!

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