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Best In Class High Quality SULON Spools

Sulon Spools: Innovations in Engineering Polyamides

Sulon represents a significant advancement in the field of engineering plastics. As a versatile engineering polyamide, it is the product of innovative technologies in this sector. Sulon distinguishes itself through several key characteristics: a high molecular weight, exemplary rigidity, and superior dimensional stability. These features underscore its suitability for various engineering applications, emphasizing its adaptability and reliability.

Manufacturing Process of Sulon Spools:

The production process of Sulon spools is a testament to technological ingenuity. Utilizing a centrifugal system, these spools are created through a monomer casting technology. This process involves polymerization at the molten stage, ensuring a homogeneous and consistent material quality. The direct polymerization method employed in the manufacturing of Sulon spools is critical in ensuring their long-term stability. This process imparts the spools with an exceptional degree of resilience, maintaining their integrity over extended periods.

Key Properties of Sulon:

Sulon’s remarkable properties set it apart in the realm of engineering materials. It exhibits high hardness and tensile strength, indicative of its durability and capacity to withstand significant mechanical stresses. Furthermore, Sulon is characterized by its superior mechanical strength, offering unmatched wear resistance. These attributes collectively make Sulon an ideal choice for applications demanding robustness, longevity, and consistent performance.

In summary, Sulon’s innovative composition and manufacturing process render it a superior choice in engineering plastics, (especially for Textile Spools) offering a combination of strength, stability, and durability.

Available Sizes – Dimensions

200 mm Dia x 301 mm long
145 mm Dia x 299.2 mm long
145 mm Dia x 249.2 mm long
180 mm Dia x 301 mm long
180 mm Dia x 233 mm long

Available With

With Drill, Cloth Lamination
Welcro Lamination / Knurling

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