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Innovative Flat Cleaner Brush Upgrade for Carding Machines

We’ve got a cool solution for DK740, DK780, DK803, DK903, TC 03, RTR C4, C10, C50, C51, C60, C70 CARDING Machines that are missing a crucial part – the flat cleaning system.

This tiny issue can lead to a buildup of micro dust and seed particles in the flat tops. So, what’s the fix? We’re offering a complete flat clearer attachment system. This nifty addition is all about keeping those flats free from pesky micro dust and seed coats. The result? You get to enjoy a super steady NEP removal efficiency from your cards.

But wait, there’s more! By switching to this system, you’re not only ditching the need for compressed air to clean the flat, but also cutting down on the manual labor required.

And guess what? This upgrade isn’t just for any card; it’s also perfect for those dealing with 100% Polyester and blends. It even tackles the tricky deposition of Titanium Di-Oxide on the flats, ensuring a consistently effective NEP removal.

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