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Sumanlal J.Shah & Co, established in 1945, has carved a niche in the textile industry by producing, supplying, and exporting top-quality replacement spares and accessories for a complete range of yarn processing machines. Our product line ( More Than 6998 Products) extends from Blowroom (preparatory) to winding machines, catering to every stage of yarn production. Learn More

Textile Spinning Mill Complete Spares

From Preparatory Machine Spares To Winding Spares and Accessories.

World Class Quality Manufacturing

Each and Every Spares and Accessories Are 100% Quality Assured.

Preferred Suppliers Global Spinning Mills

We Have been supplying quality spares to Spinning Mills All Over the World.

High Quality Parts For Blowroom, Carding and Comber.

Best Quality Replacement Spares For Draw Frame, Unilap and Ring Spinning Frames

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Go ahead and explore our catalog to select the products you require. Simply add them individually to your list. Remember to mention your mill or company name, along with the contact person’s details and email. This will enable us to quickly provide you with a quote!